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Engineering tasks

Our intelligent software supports various application scenarios


Application example:
Automating the process of characterizing the electrical parameters of semiconductor devices, such as transistors or diodes, at the wafer level.

Typical equipment used:

  • Wafer probe station

  • Temperature-controlled chuck

  • Vector Network Analyzer

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Application example:
Inspecting defect across a display screen using a high-resolution camera.

Typical equipment used:

  • Camera

  • Signal generator

  • Oscilloscope


Application example:
Programming system on chip microcontrollers.

Typical equipment used:

  • Microcontrollers

  • Oscilloscopes

  • Voltage sources

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Application example:

Testing the mechanical, electrical, or thermal properties of materials, such as metals, glass, or composites.

Typical equipment used:

  • Environmental chambers

  • LCR meters

  • Temperature probes

  • Strain guage

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